Myrtle Beach Funeral Home
4505 Highway 17 Bypass South
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 293-4505

OBITUARIES AND GUEST BOOK - If you do not see the obit you are looking for, type the last name only, and select SEARCH. If that did not work, then the family did not request an obituary.

If the legal next-of-kin (agent) wants to make changes to their loved one's obituary, then please call the FH at 843.293.4505, or e-mail us at: If you happen to click on the "Read" or "Sign" the Guest Book command and nothing appears, then the read or sign window opened behind your current page and you will need to minimize that page by clicking the (-) located top right, in order to sign or read the guest book. This very rarely happens, but does occasionally, depending on your Browser.